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Golden State Revolution is a Southern California based merchandising company that designs and sells conservative-based products in support of our President Donald Trump. Our mission is to change minds, one product at a time, to support of all that makes this country great! We respect and support all law enforcement professionals past and present, our proud military past and present, all while attempting to use our voice through free speech, education and, of course, merchandise. Thank you for stopping by...

Our Mission

California was once a thriving, rich state, with ideas, a diverse culture and creative mindset. Over the past 20+ years, the State has fallen into a cesspool of illegal immigration, welfare, terrible road conditions, water shortages and unaffordable housing, all due to corruption in Sacramento.

While it will take a little time to retake our state from the corrupt Globalists, we feel that by just doing our part to educate and get the word out about the truth, not only in California, but also across the entire United States. We live in a polarized society that has been gaslit by a fake news media that pushed propaganda to meet their narratives. This has destroyed the country we all grew up in, and for us, the great State of California. We hope you enjoy our products. 

Influencing Minds Through Merchandising

Golden State Revolution
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